Elsie & Fred Wigglesworth and Gladys & Denis Riley at the wedding of George & Margaret at Adel Church, 2 April 1956

Wigglesworth and Riley family history

Including some local history of Dethick, Lea & Holloway, and northern Matlock (Derbyshire)

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Fred Rothwell Wigglesworth
George Metcalfe Wigglesworth
George Walsh Wigglesworth

Calligraphy by Walter Wragg
Elsie and George
Elsie Wigglesworth holding her son and author to be George
Fred and George
Fred Wigglesworth holding George

As you get older you wonder about locations you were shown in your childhood and these encourage you to investigate your ancestors.  Even so there remain mysteries as you widen your researches to include the female lines.  Absolute proof becomes more elusive as you go back in time and the "best working hypothesis" is a useful concept a scientific training develops.


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